Sporting the funk of Stankonia infused with sex-positive feminist politics, Danielle Deadwyler is an artologist inculcating a respect for the feminine in (dis)possessed. Much more than a live theatrical performance art exhibit, (dis)possessed is the equivalent of a stream of consciousness mixed tape listening party. Narrative beats explore the intellectual interests of this powerhouse performer and the rhythm is sure to get in you. Music, movement, sonic play, video installation, and lyrical monologues join forces to lambast male hegemonic societal norms. By way of three female characters – an oxymoronic Emcee, a youthful girl, and a wayward streetwalker - the production cooks a hip hop brew that only a female/feminine master could concoct:  through the constant remixing of fermenting parts.  (dis)possessed was first performed at Spelman College's Museum of Fine Art, Fall 2013.