MuhfuckaNeva(Luvd)Uhs: Real Live Girl (MNLU) is a multimedia performance art experience comprised of a looped video installation and live performance on various Atlanta street corners. MNLU marries Deadwyler’s intrigue for the popular hip hop aesthetic and live endurance driven performance and movement.

The black woman’s body is central to both the video installation and live performances, focusing on the domestic and maternal labor of the black woman's body and the labor of the sexualized black female body. Anonymity is key in the exhibition, harkening back to the commercial hip hop videos’ aesthetic, which focuses mainly on the body of the black women performers/models within them. MNLU addresses themes of sexual and domestic/maternal black bodies, sexualized work versus domestic work, public and private labor. MNLUi took place July 2015; MNLUii took place October 2016. See MNLUii here: REAL LIVE GIRL.